Welcome to our new online store!

About Us

Vision and Mission
It's our vision to become the best online fashion clothing retailer in the world. Our mission is to provide the best quality clothing at affordable prices and to help women feel great about their clothing choices.  


We recently created Bannard Fashion to get rid of our day jobs! We were sick of working for blue-chip corporations due to time constraints to do the things we wanted. We decided we wanted to find an industry where we could make people happy with great deals in fashion and provide great clothing and jewellery to people affordably.

Team Members

Our main role is selection of great products from the best manufacturers, with our products shipped directly from our manufacturers once your order is placed.

a man looking at the camera   Christian Bannard - Previously an I.T. Manager from a blue-chip healthcare background, Christian moved into hospitality and operated a resort in Fiji along with software development in the yachting and private club industry, following which he went back into healthcare where he assisted with the building of a new purpose-built spinal care hospital, before venturing into the fashion industry.